Carol Green and classically trained figure sculptor Lynn Hayes have created a series of bronze pieces specifically designed for the FUNERIA® brand. These vessels feature mechanisms for secure closure such as threaded lids. Some of the pieces are based upon hand thrown ceramic vessels, some are individually sculpted, and many utilize both approaches. Patination ranges from golden earth tones to deep brown.  In addition, Carol makes ceramic urns with etched copper lids and cast bronze handles that can be ordered through FUNERIA, LLC.

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What People Have Said

It seemed this urn was meant to be. We knew we didn’t want something that looked like an urn. My dad loves art, music, wine and good food. This one was one of the first we found and everyone fell in love with it immediately.
-The Winters Family

I wanted to let you know how beautiful the Carol Green Zen Spaceship vessel is that I purchased from you recently. When it arrived a week or two ago, it took me a few hours to be able to open the box — really had to get myself ready to do that.

I am happy to say that when I did open it, the vessel exceeded all my expectations, all my hopes, and went way beyond. It is lovely in its own right, and has already found a comfortable place in my home, as I have waited for the ashes to be available. I have also sat with the vessel in my lap, as you mentioned to me, and found that to be a moving and powerful experience.

Please extend my gratitude and compliments to the artist. And I send gratitude and compliments to you too, for your encouragement, support, and assistance with what was a challenging and difficult process. You and Carol are doing a wonderful service to those of us facing these kinds of issues.
-Nancy F.
San Diego CA

I just got back from vacation and have the urn. It is just beautiful! It is lovelier than I even imagined.
My son saw it for the first time yesterday and thought it was very “me” and is so perfect for Tom.
Now I feel like at least part of this process is put to rest. Carol did an amazing job and the color is perfect….her work is divine, please let her know. This vessel is in a very a special place in my home where I can gaze upon it with true peace and joy.
I love it. Thank you again,
-Susan D
New Jersey

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